Why Chess?

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Chess is an integral part of the Franklin Academy curriculum. Dating back to the sixth century AD, chess is an excellent way to learn to focus, analyze problems, plan and execute solutions, and learn decision making skills that will help them throughout their life.

Studies have demonstrated that students who have completed a course in chess have shown significant improvement in science, mathematics, critical thinking and social skills.

At Franklin, chess is offered as one of the specials rotation for grades K‐5, and as an elective option for grades 6‐12. It is also offered as an afterschool club and as a competitive team that competes against other schools in local, regional and national tournaments.

Club Chess

Check with your local chess coach to confirm dates and times for Chess Club meetings.

Competitive Chess

The chess teams at each campus will be hosting chess tournaments and traveling to other locations to participate in chess tournaments. Check with your chess coach for details on plans to participate in the tournaments below.

Cooper City Specific Chess Information:

School Day and Class Tournaments:

· MYP Year 2 classes will hold seventh grade classroom tournaments/competitions each semester. These school chess tournaments will give our students the opportunity to practice chess fundamentals, validate what they have learned in class and also showcase their mastery of the game of chess.

· The process for our in class tournaments is as follows: Each student will face five class opponents and will be award one (1) point for a win, one half (½) point for a draw and no points for a loss. The top three students with the most total points will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place honors. The three (3) top student from each period will qualify to participate in The Best of the Best tournament that will be held during an early release day each semester.

Franklin Hosted Tournaments

Date Tournament Campus
10/21/23 South Florida Grand Prix Cooper City [K-8] Campus
12/9/23 South Florida Grand Prix Cooper City [K-8] Campus
2/10/24 South Florida Grand Prix Cooper City [K-8] Campus
4/13/24 South Florida Grand Prix Cooper City [K-8] Campus
5/18/24 South Florida Grand Prix Cooper City [K-8] Campus

Other Tournaments

Date Tournament Location
Info Coming Soon....

Chess News

World Chess Championship 2018

The Palm Beach Gardens 5th grade team won the state title!

On October 15, 2016, Franklin Academy’s Palm Beach Gardens chess coaches partnered with the Florida Panthers for a day of chess and hockey. Read the story about the event on the US Chess Federation’s website.

Recent Notable Franklin Results

- Our Cooper City campus held five (5) United States Chess Federation (USCF) sanctioned tournaments in 21-22, in addition to averaging almost 100 students per day in our chess clubs.

- Playing with enthusiasm, confidence, and tenacity, the Franklin Academy Cooper City Chess team has once again captured 1st place at the South Florida Grand Prix chess tournament. This tournament is open to all South Florida school players with over 120 chess competitors. Franklin's Cooper City has now won 1st place in rated chess tournaments in all age categories (except K-1) this 2019-20 school year.

· (K - 5 or K - 8) Palm Beach County District Champions (2017 - 2019)

· (K - 5 or K - 8) South Florida Regional Champions (2017 - 2019)

· (K - 5) Florida State Scholastic Champions (2017)

· ( 6th Grade ) Grade Level Nationals 7th Place (2017)

· ( 7th Grade) Grade Level Nationals 3rd Place (2018)

· (K - 8) 7th Place Junior High National Championship (2019)

Chess Links

U.S. Chess Federation

Meet Our Chess Teachers

Boynton Beach (K-8)

Ms. Clare Broomfield (K-5)

Ms. Yanira Vigoa, Woman Grand Master (6-8)

Cooper City (K-8)

Mr. Diego Risquez (K-5)

Mr. Charles Hicks (MYP)

Palm Beach Gardens (K-8)

Mr. Caleb Adams, rated 1,494 in Chess.Com (K-5) - website

Ms. Adinet Perez Cruz, Women's Fide Master (6-8)

Pembroke Pines (K‐8)

Ms. Yaniet Marrero-Lopez (MYP)

Pembroke Pines (K‐12)

Mr. Howard Garwood (K-5)

Ms. Yenisleidy Santamaria (9-12)

Sunrise (K-8)

Mr. Akili Nebiu - website

Ms. Amelia Hernandez, Woman FIDE Master